An apology and a New Years Resolution

I realise I’ve been woeful at updating the news here at Novate for most of 2016 so my New Years Resolution is to post a new item at least once a month. So, to kick things off, here’s a quick summary of the changes in 2016:

February: Gerard Dowling joins us and increases our average height significantly. Gerard proceeds to wow the work of PHP and MS SQL recruitment.

September: Charlie Absolon joins us and all office humour takes on a Monty Python / Alan Partridge tone. Charlie can be found stalking German Java Software Engineers with a plethora of exciting opportunities.

October: Josh Hipkin joins us and immediately wins the inaugural “Most Innovative use of a Beard” Award. He then proceeds to spread the Novate word to a new range of technology companies across the UK and Europe.

December: There are six of us in the office now and after much moaning about space and lack of cat-swinging options we move into our new, lovely big office. We’ve got further room to grow in 2017 and inadvertently achieving a resplendent view of central Bristol.

So, all in all, a busy year here at Novate (hence me being too busy to update the website…blah…blah…excuses excuses!).

I’ll do better in 2017, I promise…..