Hungry in Bristol?

Every recruitment genius needs sustenance and by Friday of each week we’re all pretty famished. The Friday lunch has long been a tradition at Novate IT – it’s an opportunity for us all to bond over a discussion about the up coming weekend’s activities and sport-based arguments. We’ve long been a fussy bunch, often disagreeing over where to dine and the merits of different eateries so for 2017 we’ve decided to turn our finely honed selection skills to answer the most important question on the minds of everyone in the south west of England – Where is the best place to get and affordable lunch in central Bristol?

Our results so far can be seen here (click the word ‘here’!)
Clearly this is a work in progress so please do feel free to check back regularly to benefit from the latest wisdom gained from our gastronomic odyssey. This is updated each Thursday, thus enabling you to make an informed choice of your own Friday lunch spot.