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  • I've found Novate IT to be highly professional - they've always focused on quality over quantity which has been a great help because I always know that CV's from Novate IT are a good match for my requirements. After dealing with several different recruitment firms, I've settled with Novate IT because I...

    Ben Howes (CEO) / Zoetrope Labs

  • Burned by previous bad experiences of agencies who didn't take due care and attention when sending though potential candidates, we had long stopped using recruitment agencies. It was costing too much time and money and becoming more of a hassle then it was worth. That was until we met Novate IT. their...

    James Ewin (Creative Director) / Only Orca Limited

  • I was working with Novate IT on product and tech positions for wefox. I enjoy the simple and fast processes with Novate IT. Novate IT helped us to hire a challenging Product Owner role in insurance segment in a very short time.

    Roman Matyushkin (Recruitment Development Manager) / wefox

  • I found Novate IT to be helpful and endlessly patient. We were extremely fussy but were supplied with a string of high-quality candidates

    James Andrews / Hiring Manager

  • We have worked with the team at Novate IT for several years now. The roles we hire into are often highly specialized and with hard to find skills and/or experience. The Novate IT team has taken the time really to understand our business, what drives us and what we look for in...

    Ann Tanner (Senior HR Business Partner) / Cray UK Limited

  • Actual Experience has enjoyed a productive partnership with Novate, securing candidates matched to our requirements and aligned with our culture. This has helped us achieve sustainable growth.

    Vincent Lerigo-Smith (Professional Development Manager) / Actual Experience

  • I have had the pleasure of working woth Novate IT for a number of years on various technical roles. In every instance their team has taken the time and effort to understand what we are looking for in the ideal candidates. The candidates which are sent trhough are relevant and of high...

    Matt Seymour (Head of Software) / Verisk Maplecroft

  • We use Novate IT's recruitment services as we are often in need of Linux specialists for one or several of our European offices. Time after time, Novate IT show that the company has a strong candidate network in different countries, that the Consultants deliver high quality recruitment services and that they 'do...

    Lizeth van der Jagt (Recruiter) / ClusterVision BV

  • I've worked with the team at Novate IT for over 10 years. Novate IT stand out from the crowd by building and maintaining long-term relationships and connections within the tech indistry in the Bristol area. They are well-informed and realistic, and partner with you as a hiring manager to help you arrive...

    Alex Francis (VP of Engineering) / Polecat

  • It’s been a pleasure working with Novate IT on filling some of our difficult vacancies. They are not only friendly and responsive but also listen (which is an essential recruiter virtue from my perspective) to both HR AND the candidates and is thus able to deliver candidates which are a perfect match....

    Gosia Szulc (Director of HR & Admin) / Verimatrix GmbH

  • We have been working with Novate IT for around one year and the team has helped us bring many great talents on board. Everyone at Novate IT is straightforward, smart and easy to work with. They always send relevant candidates that also fit well into our team. Besides the fact that we...

    Verena Garo (HR Manager) / Zattoo International Ltd

  • I just wanted to reach out and give some positive feedback about your Recruitment Consultant, Mark. He was in touch within 24 hours of my applying, had relevant questions and was able to answer questions I had with enough information to be useful but the honesty to admit the limits of his...

    Lloyd Jackman / Candidate

  • Helpful Consultants at Novate IT were instrumental in securing an exciting Senior Technical Writing role with one of their clients - a top tech company. Although we didn't agree on a job offer at the end of the day, the guys at Novate IT knew I had competitive offers on the table...

    Ivan Terziev / Candidate

  • Novate are easy to deal with and got me some good interviews. I do not usually like dealing with recruitment agencies at all but Novate is an exception.

    Jamie A / Candidate

  • Novate IT were a great company in helping me along the path towards my new job. They checked in with me at key points of the process with a willingness to answer any questions or concerns. What really struck me the most was my Consultants focus on making sure my fit and...

    Ben Howard / Candidate

  • Over the past few months I have dealt with several recruiters, some being too pushy, some not knowing enough information about the sector, and some I just felt like they didn't care much about my applications. my Recruitment Consultant at Novate IT ticked all the boxes, he was friendly, attentive and I...

    Callum Bailey / Candidate

  • I found my current job with the help of Novate IT. In the first call I had with them, they approached me with three interesting job offers giving me all the information I needed synthetic and precise, no "bullshit". I choose one and they followed me through all the process - always...

    Marco Franceschin / Candidate

  • Highly recommended. I have had experience with quite a few recruitment agencies and NOVATE IT is by far the best one. They provided me with job opportunities that really fit my skills and personal criteria. Contact was also excellent. Unlike other agencies which would spam me with constant phone calls, communicating over...

    Kornelia Watson / Candidate

  • Novate were super quick and friendly, and had processed my application in a matter of hours. I am now happily employed thanks to their help and haven't looked back!

    Ryan Boylett / Candidate

  • I had the pleasure of working with Novate IT on my recruitment at wefox. They guided me through every step of the recruitment process. I was very glad for their supportive attitude and guidance.

    Monika Kotus / Candidate

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5 Top Tips for Improving Productivity (Novate IT)

5 Tips for Improving Productivity at Work Over the course of any work day there can be a lot of distractions. Whether its procrastination, interruptions or external factors, it all adds up to time that disappears from the day, which can make a person overall less efficient. Being more productive doesn’t necessarily mean that those distractions will necessarily go anywhere, you’ll still have to do things like responding to emails, attending meetings, but by being more prepared, it should help to support you to be as effective as possible. Improving time management is beneficial both professionally and personally – it will help to reduce stress and minimise mistakes. Sounds good right? Here are 5 simple tips that you can integrate into your day to day routine that will help you to increase your productivity: Create Daily To-Do Lists – get into the habit of creating a prioritised list of all the things that need to be achieved that day. If putting pen to paper isn’t your style, there are online tools such as Basecamp and Google Keep where you can create digital to-do lists to aid the planning and management of tasks. You can even delegate tasks to others or receive reminders when deadlines are approaching. Remember to be realistic. Trying to cram too much into your day can cause a drop in overall productivity and morale. Ticking things off a list is very satisfying and can also be a motivational factor. Stay Focussed at Meetings – Politely avoid unnecessary meetings that don’t require you or benefit you. If you are arranging a meeting, set an agenda in advance to highlight clear expectations, provide reference materials in advance, or perhaps even opt for a video conference instead of gathering heads all in one room. Take Breaks! – Chaining yourself to a desk is not the secret to success – it’s a recipe for burnout. Without taking regular breaks, your productivity, mental wellbeing and overall performance will start to lag and then decline. Taking just a 5 minute break and having a walk around when you’re feeling drained by the task in hand can boost your concentration drastically. Reduce or Remove Distractions – It’s totally okay to let the people around you know that you don’t want to be disturbed, or move to another area of the office that’s a little more quiet to crack on with what you’re doing. If it helps you to keep distractions to a minimum, do it. Get a Good Night’s Sleep – a lack of sleep will affect your performance, even if you think you’re superman. Try and adequately rest and get a good night’s sleep to help prepare you for the following day. We hope you find these tips helpful. We are Novate IT. Join us on our ‘Crusade Against Poor Recruitment Practices’ – you can read our previous articles here: 01174 403 970 /​

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How to Land Your Next Job

How to Land Your Next Job In this (slightly longer) article, we’re going to tell you how you can land your next job. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or whether you’re looking to progress on to your next challenge, following these steps will help you to find, and land the job you want and deserve. Before you even start applying for jobs, go back to the basics. Start by Identifying up to 5 industries that would suit you. There are many industries out there to choose from, and they are all entirely different in their own right. Establishing industries that you’d feel comfortable working in is a good starting point. For example, the defence sector doesn’t suit everyone. Then Identify up to 5 things you want from your next job. Perhaps you want to work with more data, maybe do less coding, or do more coding. Maybe you’d like flexible hours, or to work remotely or more money. Identifying what it important to you early on in your job search will mean you’re only investing your time to create applications for jobs that are of genuine interest to you. Next, Identify the skills you have to offer. Take a piece of paper and write down any and all of your qualifications, professional achievements, awards, any certifications you have, and your hard skills. (Hard skills are skills that can be defined and measured.) You can then use this list to help you update your CV. Identify what makes you valuable to a company. Think beyond your work experience and qualifications here. Take another piece of paper and write down the things that make you valuable. Perhaps it’s your leadership skills, teamwork, or communication skills. Update your CV. You can learn about how to create a stand out CV here – we’ve even made you a free CV template! Use your thoughts from points 3 and 4 to help you update your CV. There are some additional points to consider: Always include your contact information, including name, phone number and email. You’d be surprised how many CV’s we see with none of these things. How are we meant to contact you to discuss the role if you have left no contact details? Stick to including only relevant information. This one is crucial – tailor your CV to each job that you’re applying for. This will take time, but you will be much more likely to be noticed amongst the crowd. Spellcheck and proof read your CV. Several times. When I receive a CV riddled with spelling and grammatical errors (which is too often), I can’t help but think “If this is how they’re presenting they’re CV, is much pride and attention going to go into this role they’re applying for?” – especially if it’s a role with a high-level salary. Every device has free spell check software installed, there is no excuse for incorrect spelling on your CV. None. Update your LinkedIn profile. And remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so keep anything you post there professional. Potential employers will be looking at your page to find out more about you, don’t give them the wrong impression. Make your headline clear and concise, and optimise the use of the summary section by writing about the past, the present and your future goals. Where you talk about your previous experience, focus on skills relevant to the role you’re looking to obtain, be passionate and show what you can bring to the table. Identify job boards relevant to the industry you want to work in. Some job boards are more niche than others. Job boards like Reed for example are very broad in the sectors they cover meaning a very wide variety of jobs across many industries, whereas CW Jobs for example is specifically for IT and Tech jobs only. They will each attract different types of companies to advertise their vacancies there. An IT services company is more likely to advertise on CW Jobs, whereas a role within an IT team at an accounting company for example, would be more likely to be advertised on Reed. It’s worth finding 3-4 job boards that suit your industry preferences to begin your search, it will help you to review only job vacancies relevant to you. Tailor your CV to each application and include a cover letter. This may feel longwinded, but its worth the investment of your time. You don’t have to make big changes to your CV each application, just try and ensure that you have demonstrated that you have the skills and experience they are looking for. In your cover letter, stray away from talking purely about ‘I did this, I did that’ – talk instead about your motivations for applying for this job, how you can help the organisation and what skills you bring. Where possible address your cover letter to the hiring manager and close with something along the lines of “I look forward to hearing from you”. Apply to jobs that are relevant to your experience, skills or genuine ambitions. An example. I was recently recruiting for a mid-level Software Tester role, I received over 130 applications in a few days. Just over 60 of those applicants had never worked in software testing, or even in IT. They were administrators, office workers, retail workers, etc. It is not realistic to apply for jobs that you have no relevant skills or experience with and expect to receive an interview, let alone the job. It can be deflating when you receive a barrage of rejection emails. By only applying to jobs that are relevant, you may find that your success rate in obtaining interviews is higher and you’ll feel less deflated by your job hunt. Practice your pitch. By yourself, with a friend or colleague, whatever works for you. By properly preparing for an interview you’re giving yourself the best chance of success. It will help if you research the company and the job you’re being interviewed for to make sure you understand; what they do as a company, their values, their products, their mission etc. In addition, be clear in your understanding of what the role involves, the skills required and why you would make the best candidate for the job. Remember, you want to demonstrate how you can add value to their company, provide examples of how you can do that. We hope you find these tips helpful. We are Novate IT. We work closely with employers across the UK and Europe, supporting them to improve their recruitment practices, to attract and retain the talent needed to develop and sustain their businesses in the long term. Join us on our ‘Crusade Against Poor Recruitment Practices’ – you can read our previous articles here: 01174 403 970 /

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Master Self-Promotion and Build Your Confidence

Typically, less than 10% of people who apply for a job are offered an interview. If they are all as competent and capable as you, you will need to have that added extra to make you stand out against the crowd, and that’s where self-promotion comes in. One of the biggest misconceptions about self-promotion is that its plain old bragging. It’s not. Self-promotion is about informing the relevant people about the skills and value that you can bring to the table, in doing that, people can then make a more informed choice about whether to recruit you. Self-promoting in the right way can reassure hiring managers that you really are the best person for the job. A lot of people find self-promotion hard. It can really feel like you’re bragging, showing off, or maybe even make you feel a bit arrogant, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you can shake that uncomfortable feeling when self-promoting, over time you’ll find it easier and your confidence will grow. Numerous studies have shown that the ability to self-promote is not only more likely to secure you the job you want, you’re also more likely to secure a job that you will thrive in. The more accurately that you’re able to talk about your talents, qualities and past achievements, the more able people are to make the right decisions about you. Self-promotion can really help you to unlock your untapped potential. Here’s what I want you to do – get a blank A4 sheet of paper, a pen, find a quiet spot, and plonk yourself down for 10 minutes. On that piece of paper, I want you to write down a list of what makes you remarkable. Try and fill the page if you can of your skills, value and achievements. Maybe you’ve raised a lot of money for charity, maybe you’d founded and run your own business, or have created an outstanding portfolio of happy clients you’ve worked with, you could be the first in your family to have attended university, whatever it is, big or small - write down whatever it is you think makes YOU remarkable. Now I want you to read out loud the things you have written on your ‘list of remarkable me.’ Did you find it harder to read them out loud then writing them down? People often find it harder to read their achievements out loud compared to writing them down and that’s okay. This might even be the first time you’ve sat down and really thought about what your actual accomplishments are. Now that you understand your collective achievements better, you can practice talking passionately about them. You can practice in which ever way works for you - don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend. When you’re in an interview, move away from selling yourself in the sense of “I worked in this role at this company and did this” and talk more about “In this company I achieved this, I saved this, I grew this...” If you’re new to this, learning to self-promote isn’t something that’s going to happen over-night. It takes time and practice. Eventually, you’ll be able to own it and talk more confidently to the world about what you’re great at. We are Novate IT. We work closely with employers across the UK and Europe, supporting them to improve their recruitment practices, to attract and retain the talent needed to develop and sustain their businesses in the long term. Join us on our ‘Crusade Against Poor Recruitment Practices’ – you can read our previous articles here: 01174 403 970 /​

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Understanding & Improving Your Digital Wellbeing

In this article, we’re going to think about your Wellbeing, or more specifically, your Digital Wellbeing. Your average adult now spends at least 6 hours a day consuming online media (that’s outside of work hours) and will check their phone at least 50 times a day, every day. Digital Wellbeing is about building and maintaining a healthy relationship with technology. Its understanding how technology helps us to achieve our goals, rather than being a distraction or an interruption. We often think that our devices enable us to multi-task. That’s a myth. There are numerous studies that show there is a significant drop in our cognitive capabilities when we’re flicking between screens. Have a think about how many notifications you receive each day. We know that our dopamine levels rise when we receive notifications - getting notifications makes us momentarily feel good. But research shows that it can take up to 25 minutes for a person to regain their focus to a task following being distracted by a flurry of notifications. Personally, I often struggle keeping a happy balance of technology - I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. But every now and then I take a step back and review whether the technology I am using is actually improving my life, or distracting me from it. I ask myself: How much of this time is well spent? How much of it is actually adding value to my life? We all use technology in different ways, and we all define ‘time well spent’ differently too, so a good starting point to creating a Digital Wellbeing balance, is to understand you own definition of ‘time well spent’. When I’ve defined what ‘time well spent’ means to me at that point, I then ask myself: How do I spend my time online? How much of this time is well spent? How does it make me feel spending this time online? Does it add genuine value to my life? Is there anything I’d like to change about my digital engagement? Is my use of tech helping me to achieve goal X, Y or Z? We can get so caught up in our use of technology that we can lose the objective sense of what we’re doing. I then think about the wider aspects: What role I would like technology to have in my life? Are there any certain parts of my life that I want to try and keep device free? Are there certain things about technology that frustrate me? Asking yourself these questions will help you to better understand your relationship with technology. By understanding that relationship, you can gain some more control over your tech habits, enabling us to use it to its full potential and gain optimum benefits from its usage. So, what can you do to create a better balance? Here are some tips. Use device monitoring tools (iOS Screen Time, Android Digital Wellbeing, Siempo, Space App, RescueTime) to show you exactly how much time you’re spending on each app. We often underestimate the time we spend using technology. Using a tool like this can help you to really understand where your time is being spent, providing you real time insight, enabling you to make further choices about your usage. You can also restrict how much time you can spend on apps using these tools. Think about reducing, removing, or customizing your notifications. The only notifications I have on my iPhone are for calls, texts, WhatsApp messages or emails, and even the emails are muted. Its not uncommon for the average phone to ping a notification at you over 700 times in a week. That’s a lot of distractions, often unnecessary. (looking at you news apps, with your 20+ ‘BREAKING NEWS’ alerts every day, often not real breaking news) Consider setting your devices to ‘do not disturb’ mode when you need to focus on something. Enabling this mode will generally block all notifications, preventing your trail of thought being interrupted. You can amend the settings to allow some notifications if you deem them necessary. Consider taking a break from social media. You don’t have to delete your accounts, but you can deactivate them, or just not log in for a while. Taking even just a week off from social media can do your mind the absolute world of good. Read about this guys’ 30 day break from social media and the astounding impact it had on him. Think about setting yourself a clear goal of how much screen time you want to be having in a week and try and stick to it. Using device monitoring tools can help you achieve this. If you’re working with or at a computer all day, take that into account – maybe a couple of device free evenings at home is what you need! Keep only the tools you need on your home-screens. Move unnecessary apps to the back or remove them entirely from your home-screens. You’re less likely to be tempted by something that’s not in your direct view. Consider leaving your phone in a different room overnight to charge – starting and ending your day without your phone. We wake up most mornings and subconsciously instantly start checking our phones. We go to sleep most nights after scrolling through various feeds. It may not feel like it, but its impacting on your quality of sleep. Give ‘Device Free Meetings’ a go! Switching your focus between a device and paying attention in a meeting can cause you to lose up to 50% of your efficiency and accuracy. Making a conscious choice not to use or check devices in a meeting increases efficiency and productivity, and conversations & ideas will flow much more smoothly. Do you have a personal mobile and a work mobile? Do you need them both all the time? Switching off your work mobile when you’ve finished work for the day is a marvellous thing to do (if you’re contractually allowed to do so). Try it. Do you feel like your day is taken over by just responding to emails? Me to, too often. To help with this, I set specific time slots in my daily diary that is ‘email time’. I still read & respond to emails relevant to the task in hand outside of designated ‘email time’ – but this way, my focus is only on what I am doing at that time. Sometimes we just don’t need to send an email either… Before firing off an email, think, is there another way I can get this information that I’m looking for here? Would a face to face conversation work better, or a telephone call? Communication is key to a lot of things, and a personal approach is often going to be more welcome than, another email. By creating and maintaining a healthy balance with technology, you will be sure to find improvements in your physical health, your mental health in addition to helping to create better relationships with the people around you. We are Novate IT. We work closely with employers across the UK and Europe, supporting them to improve their recruitment practices, to attract and retain the talent needed to develop and sustain their businesses in the long term. Join us on our ‘Crusade Against Poor Recruitment Practices’ – you can read our previous articles here: 01174 403 970 /​

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Our Top 5 Bristol Lunch Spots You HAVE to Try

Here at Novate IT, each Friday lunchtime we all meet up for something to eat together as a team. It’s a great time to catch up, discuss ideas or plans, talk out any stressors from the week or just laugh at funny cat videos. It definitely helps to strengthen our relationship as a team. This means we have had the pleasure of sampling some of central Bristol’s finest eateries over the years. Today we’re sharing with you our top 5 recommendations in Central Bristol where you will be guaranteed to find an absolutely mouth-watering, drool inducing lunch (or dinner), without breaking the bank. We are all meat eaters at Novate IT, though all of the following offer a vegan or vegetarian option on their menu if that is what your heart desires. (In no particular order, because it’s so hard to choose) ASADO This place is well worth the stroll up the Christmas Steps. Asado is one of our favourite spots for one of the tastiest burgers you will ever eat. The rosemary salt chips are also incredible. Check out Wriggle for any deals, it may save you a few quid. (Asado, 90 Colston Street, BS1 5BB) WINGS DINER @ SMALL BAR Be warned, when you try this succulently juicy buttermilk fried chicken with an Asian twist, you will be going back at very regular intervals for the rest of forever for your fried chicken fix. Based within Small Bar on King Street (where you can also sample any of the 30+ craft beers they have on tap), what started as a pop up looks like it’s here to stay for the long term and we are so very pleased about that. Note: Small Bar only accept card payments, no cash. (Wings Diner, 31 King Street, BS1 4DZ) THREE BROTHERS A popular favourite in the city due to its picturesque location overlooking the floating harbour and donning a menu of the most impressive selections of burgers in the city, you will not be disappointed with a venture to the Three Brothers. They also offer a £5 lunch deal 7 days a week on their classic burger and fries, handy for if you have too much month left at the end of your money. (Three Brothers, Welsh Back, BS1 4SB) IRONWORKS SUPPLY CO. A trendy and aesthetically pleasing spot to grab a less greasy lunch that is in no way any less delicious. From lunch bowls to pizza to wraps, there is something for everyone. It may not always look like much in terms of presentation, but it all tastes absolutely insanely perfect at very reasonable cost. (Ironworks Supply Co, 51 Broad Street, BS1 2EP) MATINA We’re throwing in a curve ball here because you can’t eat in at Matina, take away only – a good choice for perching in Castle Park on a pleasant day or for having lunch back at the office. Matina is based on the edge of St Nicholas Food Market, arguably the King of Kurdish Flatbread Kebabs (or salad boxes) and likely the most popular places to grab a bite to eat in St Nicks. Prepare to queue up with at least 30 other people at peak times, but well and truly worth the wait. (Matina, The Glass Arcade, St Nicholas St, BS1 1JQ) Wheres your favourite place to grab lunch in central Bristol? We are Novate IT. We work closely with employers across the UK and Europe, supporting them to improve their recruitment practices, to attract and retain the talent needed to develop and sustain their businesses in the long term. Join us on our ‘Crusade Against Poor Recruitment Practices’ – you can read our previous articles here: 01174 403 970 /

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Reject Those Unsuitable CV's from Recruiters!

Something that we often encounter when speaking to clients is that they often receive CV’s from recruiters that are not relevant to the vacancy or are not suitably skilled as per the role requirements. When we encounter this, we ask “What did you do with them?” to which the answer is normally along the lines of “we didn’t do anything with them”. Here at Novate IT, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide introductions to quality candidates with suitable skills and experience. A CV from us is a candidate that you will want to interview. On the occasion that you receive CVs from a recruiter that do not suit the requirements you are seeking, don’t be afraid to send it back. By rejecting poor quality or irrelevant CV’s in this way, it can help rogue recruiters to better learn about your business and understand about the candidates you really want to hire. Recruiters work for you. It is their job to know and understand your business to help you to secure the right candidate for your vacancy. If unsuitable CV’s aren’t rejected, there is less opportunity for industry learning. You may continue to receive poor quality CV’s. You may hire unsuitable candidates because of the illusion you’re presented with, that these are “the best candidates available”, which as we know can have its own issues and repercussions. Feedback on CV’s is critically important to recruiters, it is only with feedback that recruiters can really improve the standard of applicants that are being presented to you. If you feel like your current recruitment partners are not necessarily providing you with the quality you expect, contact us today for a friendly chat about how we can assist you with your current vacancies. Novate IT work closely with employers across the UK and Europe, supporting them to improve their recruitment practices to attract and retain the talent needed to develop and sustain their businesses in the long term. Join us on our ‘Crusade Against Poor Recruitment Practices’ – you can read our previous articles here: 01174 403 970 /

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