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Novate IT

Established in 2005 Novate IT had two founding principles; firstly to provide the best possible service to job hunters in the IT and digital media sectors. Whilst the rest of the industry focused on treating applicants like a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder we saw the individuals with their needs, fears and aspirations.

Our candidate-led approach has been at the core of our successes ever since and over the years has seen a great many of our candidates become our clients as their careers progress to being hiring managers.

Our second founding principle was to never waste our clients’ time. Employers engage with Novate IT to have the headache of recruitment removed so they can get on with their day jobs. Our clients know an application coming from us is from a suitably skilled candidate who has been fully briefed on their company and role and who is someone they need to interview.

There are a great many recruitment companies in the UK but we stand out; our candidates are our clients too and they enjoy their interactions with us, we have established an extraordinary company.

Novate IT – how recruitment should be done.

Our Vision

Our vision can be summed up very simply; we are a Recruitment Consultancy not a Recruitment Agency.


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