StackOverflow - Global Developer Hiring Landscape 2018


Stewart Smith

Those fine folk at Stack Overflow have conducted a survey of over 100,000 Software Developers to gain a detailed understanding of the hiring landscape in 2018. Key highlights are:

  • What technologies people most want to work with (and which they dread!) and the salaries linked to those skills
  • What Developers look for in a new job
  • How Developers prefer to be contacted and what they want to know about in a new job

We found these insights fascinating and hope you do too. To download the survey results please click below

Global Developer Hiring Landscape 2018.pdf

We’re grateful to Stack Overflow for conducting this research and hope it helps them expand their business however, if you’re presently recruiting and would like further advice and guidance on how these insights can be crystalised into an effect recruitment campaign then please do let us know.