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Natalie Wild

There is something spectacular about the way in which so many creative ideas worldwide can, and have been brought to life through coding, and equally incredible is the impact of which computers and software have revolutionised the world we live in. Technological advances have been vast over the last two decades alone, but it is going to go further, with strong evidence to suggest that civilisation is entering into its ‘third industrial revolution’ – The technology revolution of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Joining the Novate IT team enabled me to leave behind my challenging NHS roles and jump head first into the world of technology that I have long found to be a personal interest, and I haven’t looked back.

For a small but friendly team, the Novate IT guys certainly pack a punch. Since day one, I was able to hit the ground running and find myself looking forward to going to work in the mornings – something that hasn’t happened for a while! I feel like I have gained a small additional family. Prior to that first day however, I was very sceptical of what to really expect – was I about to walk in to the lion’s den, containing therein a rowdy bunch of commission hungry, overly confident, devious people? I am pleased to say – I did not! In just a short space of time it was evident that I had nothing to fear and what feelings of anxiety I had quickly disappeared. Already, Novate IT have entirely changed my perspective of recruitment, and to me, demonstrate exactly how it should be done. For me Novate IT as an employer, is a breath of fresh air.

Having several years of public sector work under my belt, I was more than aware of the inadequacies there can be within recruitment processes, with vacant posts often taking 8-9 months to fill from start to finish, increasing the workload of remaining colleagues during that process and often leading ultimately to negatively affected sickness records. Thankfully here at Novate IT the process is much quicker, and we often find suitable applicants for our clients to interview within a matter of hours from being invited to recruit for a role.

Through selection based on ability and experience, the candidates put forward to our clients are nearly always subsequently interviewed in some format, and a number of those initiated contacts conclude with an employment offer being made to one of our candidates – our approach is a natural process, streamlined in efficacy and effectivity. Its also great fun to be able to have meaningful conversation with so many talented people in search for the right candidate for our client.

If you are hiring or are looking to be hired there are a multitude of ways that Novate IT can provide you with assistance. We work with you, not against you and genuinely only have your best interests at heart. You can get in contact today with our Bristol or Nottingham office, contact details below:

Bristol (covers UK & Europe) – 01174 403 970 / Bristol@novate-it.co.uk

Nottingham (covers Midlands & North of UK) – 07896 995 821 / Nottingham@novate-it.co.uk