The Recruitment Industry is Broken


Natalie Wild

The Recruitment Industry is Broken 

“There had to be a better way.
A company that only acts in the interests of job hunters and employers.
A company that supports all parties to ensure the very best match between individual aspirations and employer’s needs”

We are that company.

During a recent round of interviews, it quickly became apparent that candidates wanting to join the Novate IT team were drawn to our company by our candidate led approach – something they themselves stated they ‘have not seen in other recruitment agencies’.

Candidates are often seen as a commodity by agencies, that’s only the start of where we differ. We do not classify ourselves as an agency, we are a Consultancy, and we ‘do’ recruitment how it should be done.

We see our candidates as clients, and value each of our contacts for the person they are, embracing on relationship building so that we can understand you and your requirements better. 

Seeing as all hiring managers and decision makers were candidates at some point, it seems ludicrous that agencies are willing to treat candidates and their aspirations with such disdain.

We understand that there is a lot of noise from Recruiters in general – it can be hard to pick the good from the bad – our efficient candidate led approach, attention to detail and high quality in delivery of our service will not only help to put your trust back in Recruiters (yes, - it can be done) but will also save you time and money, allowing you to focus on the more important things.

Having had enough of being deflated by stories of rogue recruiters and bad practices from clients and candidates alike, we have taken it upon ourselves to commence a crusade. A crusade against bad recruitment practices.

We know what we do works, and now it’s time to educate the rest of the world on how recruitment should be done. Take note other recruiters reading this, you might want to hold onto your clients.

Over the coming weeks and months Novate IT will be posting regular content on a weekly basis giving you insider knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of recruitment, tips and tricks and generally some damn good advice to help you on your way to providing, and receiving better recruitment practices.

Amongst other things, we will look at addressing the most frequent problems and taboos you are faced with and how to overcome them.

Whether you are seeking your next work opportunity or simply looking to fill your current vacancies there will be something that you will find useful and insightful.

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