Introducing 'Women of Tech' - Official Launch Today!


Natalie Wild


What is noticeable from my role at Novate IT, is a shortage of women working in the tech sector. I don't fully understand why that is yet - but I want to try and do something about it. 

I love a good interview article, but something I've noticed over time is that most articles that feature women tend only to focus on women who were CEO's, or who were already (near or) at the top of the career ladder in their field, and though that can be very inspiring, it can also be disheartening in some ways, unrelateable and out of reach, and it left me wondering what it's like out there for other 'regular women' and about the experiences they've had.

'Women of Tech' was initially an idea for a short, one off summer series of interview blog articles. 

I reached out to the women of the tech community on Twitter seeking interviewees and I quickly became inundated with messages from hundreds of women from across the world, all wanting to share their experiences of being a woman working in the tech industry.


It was clear there were a lot of women out there who wanted to share their story...

And so Women of Tech was born. There was no way this could be contained in a mere few articles.

At Women of Tech, you'll find a collective range of 100% interviews with women, from all over the world who each have a unique career in the Tech sector, providing you with real insight into their world.

At least once a week i'll be posting a new article featuring an interview with a different woman who works somewhere in the world of tech, sharing their story and insights first hand. 

I wanted to create a platform to share the stories of the careers of regular women working in tech, to help others realise what can be achieved, the learn about others real world experiences (with no PR lens on it) and maybe inspire women to embark on a career in the tech sector, or for those currently working within it to acknowledge their value and advance their career - and so I did.

We see first hand the shortage of technically skilled women across the IT and Digital Media sectors, and work hard to encourage and support women to gain the confidence in themselves to advance in their own personal development, and their careers - but also endeavour to understand why the present issues and imbalance exist in the workplace.

At Novate IT, we believe there is a lot of work to be done by employers to genuinely create an equally diverse workplace that is supportive of women, and men equally, and we are here to help support them with that when they need us. 

We hope that insights drawn from this project will help employers to learn and understand the experiences of what it can really be like for a woman working in tech and the barriers they can face, and hope perhaps, that their newly expanded understanding is used to make positive changes in the workplace. 

Women of Tech is proudly supported by Novate IT.