Top 5 Things Job Seekers Want to Know


Natalie Wild

Top 5 Things Job Seekers Want to Know

Before a candidate takes the time to put together a job application, there are 5 key things they look to know, or at least get an idea of.

  1. The Salary and Benefits on Offer
    I know, we keep saying it - that’s because it’s SO important.

    Over 55% of candidates report they will not apply for a job if there is no salary information displayed. That’s a lot of candidates that won’t be interested in your role, or may not even look at the advert. Not displaying salary can be viewed suspiciously by candidates. It wont help to draw people in. It will help to push them to other adverts where employers do share this information.

    People often do not have the time to play guessing games when it comes to their career. Time is precious, they don’t want to dig around on the internet or have to wait till final interviews to find out how they will be financially rewarded for their work. It is silly to expect them to.

    As for benefits – step away from store discounts and offer more holistic benefits that genuinely improve the quality of life. 

  2. What is The Company Culture Like
    Candidates will look to your company website and review sites like Glassdoor to get an understanding of what your company culture is like.

    With over 45% of candidates reporting that company culture is a top factor when considering whether to apply for a job, there is no time like the present to ensure you’re being transparent and appealing to the candidates you want!

    Candidates will try and gauge whether the actual company culture is a true representation of what it is claimed to be, and how they might fit, or might not, fit into that culture.

  3. Are There Opportunities to Learn New Skills & Develop   
    Will you be offering your employees any opportunities to learn or develop? – Tell them!

    The workforce of today is one that is hungry for personal development. Over 40% of candidates want to work for a company that provides them with opportunities to learn – they don’t want to feel in a rut, they want to showcase new skills and enhance their careers.

    If there is no indication as to whether this is something you will offer, it could have an impact on the quality of applicants who apply. 

  4. Will They Have Challenging Technical Problems to Solve?
    Over 29% of candidates report that they seek out roles where they will be technically challenged to overcome problems and create solutions.

    So, if your role is a challenging one, say so! This will appeal to the candidates who want to be challenged, and inform the candidates who don’t. 

  5. Who Are the Team
    Ever had a sneak peak on LinkedIn to see who works at a company? You’re not alone!

    Over 27% of candidates admit to having looked up who employees working at a recruiting company to view their online profiles to try and gauge whether it is a team they would be hypothetically happy working with.

    Be transparent. Provide a named point of contact so that candidates can ask questions about these things. I personally have abandoned many applications over the years due to there being no point of contact, and thus no opportunity to ask questions before I invest my time in a lengthy application. Create a personalised approach!

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