Finding The Right Recruiter - A Checklist for Employers


Natalie Wild

Finding the Right Recruiter – A Checklist for Employers

I was very surprised recently to discover how little guidance there is out there on the world wide web for employers, relating to how to how they might find the right recruitment company for them to work with.

There is so much emphasis on guidance for the candidates to choose the right agency, which though is very important, it’s leaving a big hole in the net that employers could fall through and into unchartered waters.

Choosing to work with any Recruitment company a big decision. You’re essentially temporarily handing over the reputation of your business, placing your values in the hands of another party and expecting them to be genuine representatives of you throughout that process, supporting candidates every step of the way with integrity and trust.

Its important to bear in mind the negative effects that can come from providing a poor candidate experience, which can stem from working with recruiters that don’t really care. We know that there are some recruitment companies out there who don’t operate with the client or candidates interests genuinely at heart, and though we can’t stop rogue traders, we can help you to spot them.

We’ve put together a handy little list of 4 things for employers to consider or ask. Finding answers to points will enable you as an employer, to make a more informed decision on whether Recruiter A, B or C will be a better representative of your business.

  • ASK – Has this recruitment company worked on roles of this discipline, type and complexity before. For example, say you’re looking to hire a Desktop Support Analyst. Approaching a Recruitment company that tends to specialise in back office support staff may not have the industry knowledge or expertise to supply you with appropriate and suitably skilled candidates, whereas a Recruitment company specialising in IT staffing would be better placed for assisting for that kind of role.
  • CONSIDER – What it is you’re going to get for your agreed rate. A low placement fee of 10% or less might sound appealing, but take into account the old adage “when you pay peanuts - you get monkeys” – we’re not saying all recruiters are monkeys here, not at all, but when you pay someone less than their value they aren’t going to work as hard for you, period.

    Employers often outsource their recruiting to recruitment companies because it’s not an easy task. The recruitment industry exists because employers need assistance, don’t undervalue that assistance by choosing to work with companies that undervalue themselves in order to make a quick sale. Is a “race to the bottom” how your company pursues its sales? Almost certainly not!

    If a recruitment company is willing to work for anything less than 15%, you really should consider what you will actually get for that and whether that matches your needs as an employer – if you’re unsure, ask!
  • ASK – are they providing candidates with a full brief on your business and the role in addition to consent to share, prior to submitting their CV to you.

    We hear from endless candidates who tell us have been put forward for roles they had no idea about - obtaining a candidates consent to share their CV and personal data is a vital requirement weaved into our laws by means of GDPR Legislation and the Data Protection Act.

    If a recruiter is providing you with CV’s before gaining genuine consent in a “clear and intelligible way” from any candidate, that is effectively breaking the law and those CV’s shouldn’t be accepted.

    If accepted, it could put your company at risk of prosecution for holding the personal data of applicants without their knowledge or consent. (GDPR stipulates you must collect data only for “specified, explicit and legitimate purposes”)

           At Novate IT, we always seek written consent from a candidate prior to introducing them to a client, each and every time. Because why wouldn’t you?

  • CONSIDER – Do the recruitment companies you’re considering using know enough about; your business, your values, your products or projects, your team, your ethics, your goals and your vision and importantly the roles themselves - to accurately speak with enthusiasm and passion about you, to candidates on your behalf.

    You’re paying them a fee to know these things. Make sure they know them. If they don’t, find a recruiter that does.


We hope you might find these tips useful for the future

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