Reject Those Unsuitable CV's from Recruiters!


Natalie Wild

Something that we often encounter when speaking to clients is that they often receive CV’s from recruiters that are not relevant to the vacancy or are not suitably skilled as per the role requirements. 

When we encounter this, we ask “What did you do with them?” to which the answer is normally along the lines of “we didn’t do anything with them”.

Here at Novate IT, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide introductions to quality candidates with suitable skills and experience. A CV from us is a candidate that you will want to interview.

On the occasion that you receive CVs from a recruiter that do not suit the requirements you are seeking, don’t be afraid to send it back. 

By rejecting poor quality or irrelevant CV’s in this way, it can help rogue recruiters to better learn about your business and understand about the candidates you really want to hire. Recruiters work for you. It is their job to know and understand your business to help you to secure the right candidate for your vacancy.

If unsuitable CV’s aren’t rejected, there is less opportunity for industry learning. You may continue to receive poor quality CV’s. You may hire unsuitable candidates because of the illusion you’re presented with, that these are “the best candidates available”, which as we know can have its own issues and repercussions.

Feedback on CV’s is critically important to recruiters, it is only with feedback that recruiters can really improve the standard of applicants that are being presented to you.

If you feel like your current recruitment partners are not necessarily providing you with the quality you expect, contact us today for a friendly chat about how we can assist you with your current vacancies.

Novate IT work closely with employers across the UK and Europe, supporting them to improve their recruitment practices to attract and retain the talent needed to develop and sustain their businesses in the long term.

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