Master Self-Promotion and Build Your Confidence


Natalie Wild

Typically, less than 10% of people who apply for a job are offered an interview.  If they are all as competent and capable as you, you will need to have that added extra to make you stand out against the crowd, and that’s where self-promotion comes in.

One of the biggest misconceptions about self-promotion is that its plain old bragging. It’s not.

Self-promotion is about informing the relevant people about the skills and value that you can bring to the table, in doing that, people can then make a more informed choice about whether to recruit you. Self-promoting in the right way can reassure hiring managers that you really are the best person for the job.

A lot of people find self-promotion hard. It can really feel like you’re bragging, showing off, or maybe even make you feel a bit arrogant, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you can shake that uncomfortable feeling when self-promoting, over time you’ll find it easier and your confidence will grow.

Numerous studies have shown that the ability to self-promote is not only more likely to secure you the job you want, you’re also more likely to secure a job that you will thrive in. The more accurately that you’re able to talk about your talents, qualities and past achievements, the more able people are to make the right decisions about you. Self-promotion can really help you to unlock your untapped potential.

Here’s what I want you to do – get a blank A4 sheet of paper, a pen, find a quiet spot, and plonk yourself down for 10 minutes.

On that piece of paper, I want you to write down a list of what makes you remarkable.

Try and fill the page if you can of your skills, value and achievements.

Maybe you’ve raised a lot of money for charity, maybe you’d founded and run your own business, or have created an outstanding portfolio of happy clients you’ve worked with, you could be the first in your family to have attended university, whatever it is, big or small - write down whatever it is you think makes YOU remarkable.

Now I want you to read out loud the things you have written on your ‘list of remarkable me.’

Did you find it harder to read them out loud then writing them down?

People often find it harder to read their achievements out loud compared to writing them down and that’s okay. This might even be the first time you’ve sat down and really thought about what your actual accomplishments are. 

Now that you understand your collective achievements better, you can practice talking passionately about them. You can practice in which ever way works for you - don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend.

When you’re in an interview, move away from selling yourself in the sense of “I worked in this role at this company and did this” and talk more about “In this company I achieved this, I saved this, I grew this...”

If you’re new to this, learning to self-promote isn’t something that’s going to happen over-night. It takes time and practice. Eventually, you’ll be able to own it and talk more confidently to the world about what you’re great at.

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