5 Top Tips for Improving Productivity (Novate IT)


Natalie Wild

5 Tips for Improving Productivity at Work

Over the course of any work day there can be a lot of distractions. Whether its procrastination, interruptions or external factors, it all adds up to time that disappears from the day, which can make a person overall less efficient.

Being more productive doesn’t necessarily mean that those distractions will necessarily go anywhere, you’ll still have to do things like responding to emails, attending meetings, but by being more prepared, it should help to support you to be as effective as possible.

Improving time management is beneficial both professionally and personally – it will help to reduce stress and minimise mistakes. Sounds good right?

Here are 5 simple tips that you can integrate into your day to day routine that will help you to increase your productivity:

  • Create Daily To-Do Lists – get into the habit of creating a prioritised list of all the things that need to be achieved that day. If putting pen to paper isn’t your style, there are online tools such as Basecamp and Google Keep where you can create digital to-do lists to aid the planning and management of tasks. You can even delegate tasks to others or receive reminders when deadlines are approaching.

    Remember to be realistic. Trying to cram too much into your day can cause a drop in overall productivity and morale. Ticking things off a list is very satisfying and can also be a motivational factor.

  • Stay Focussed at Meetings – Politely avoid unnecessary meetings that don’t require you or benefit you. If you are arranging a meeting, set an agenda in advance to highlight clear expectations, provide reference materials in advance, or perhaps even opt for a video conference instead of gathering heads all in one room.

  • Take Breaks! – Chaining yourself to a desk is not the secret to success – it’s a recipe for burnout. Without taking regular breaks, your productivity, mental wellbeing and overall performance will start to lag and then decline. Taking just a 5 minute break and having a walk around when you’re feeling drained by the task in hand can boost your concentration drastically.

  • Reduce or Remove Distractions – It’s totally okay to let the people around you know that you don’t want to be disturbed, or move to another area of the office that’s a little more quiet to crack on with what you’re doing. If it helps you to keep distractions to a minimum, do it.

  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep – a lack of sleep will affect your performance, even if you think you’re superman. Try and adequately rest and get a good night’s sleep to help prepare you for the following day.

We hope you find these tips helpful.

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