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Info for Candidates

You are at the forefront of our thinking at Novate IT, we want to help you find the best next career move for you.

We know we can’t place every candidate we speak to, but our aim is to ensure that anyone who contacts Novate IT experiences a level of service above that provided by traditional Recruitment Agencies. We want to be memorable so that whether you’re looking for a new job in the future or perhaps you’re trying to hire someone for your team you’ll think of us first.

Some years ago now we produced our “Candidate Charter” which is provided to every candidate we work with. It can be downloaded below but the main principles are that:

We will always answer your messages or return your calls.

Your CV/resume/personal information will never be sent to any employers without your prior approval.

We will offer you advice as to the best job opportunity available to you. This means engaging in an ongoing and frank discussion about all the jobs you are considering helping you sift through all the recruiter-speak and HR messages to get to the root of what is the best job for you. And if your best option is not the one we’re representing, we will tell you!

.…and above everything….​​

​We will always respect your decision to choose the right job for you. We recognise that you know your needs best and so you may wish to choose a job through another recruiter/with another employer, please be assured that is absolutely fine with us!​​

If you’d like a to find out more about the roles we are recruiting for or would just like a general discussion about your career, contact Novate IT today by giving us a call on 0117 440 3970 or alternatively you can email and one of our Consultants will be able to help you.