FAQ's For Candidates

FAQ's For Candidates

We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions from candidates into a helpful list. If you have a question that isnt answered below, you can send us a quick email to ask. 

  • Theres a lot of agencies out there, why register with Novate IT? 

    As well as being established, reputable and experienced, we are more than your typical recruitment agency, we are a recruitment consultancy. 

    We promise to: always answer your messages or return your calls, offer a professional representation of you and your application(s) as well as guiding you through the recruitment process. We will; continually search for suitable opportunities for you and offer genuine advice as to the best opportunities available to you, provide feedback on your application(s), and more importantly, we will respect your decision. Whether that means you choosing a job elsewhere or declining an offer for other reasons, we understand. 

    We don't do pressure or snap decision making here. 

  • Would Novate IT send my CV to companies without informing me? 

    Absolutely not. We will never send any applications or CV's to our clients without gaining your consent first. 

  • I have applied to a vacancy through Novate IT that I think I am suitable for, why have you not called me? 

    Upon submitting your application to us, you will receive an automatic email notification confirming receipt of your application. 

    If we think you may be suited for the role, we will contact you within 4 working days' to discuss your application further. 

    Sadly, we are unable to respond to every application receive - if you don't hear from us within 3 weeks' of making your application unfortunately you have not been successful on this occasion. However, if you think that we may have overlooked your application or have made the wrong decision, please contact us by telephone or email and we can discuss you application with you further, sometimes we humans make mistakes. 

  • Who should I provide as my references? 

    Novate IT will not ask you for references as this is carried out by the hiring company upon an offer being made. 

    Part of the sole purpose of recruitment companies is to provide introductions between recruiting companies and suitable candidates, so when an introduction is complete and a company  wishes to proceed with hiring a candidate, (unless otherwise agreed) the recruiting comapny is responsible for reference and work status checking their new employee. 

    Recruiters across the land have been known to ask for references for all applications, and then use that information to attempt to generate new business leads with those named companies - this is not a practiced or condoned by Novate IT. 

  • I have applied to a vacancy on the Novate IT website, does this mean that my details have been sent to the recruiting company? 

    No - we never send any details to any of our clients without your verbal or written consent. If we have not obtained your specific consent, none of your details (including your CV) will be shared with anyone outside of Novate IT. 

  • You don't currently have a vacancy that matches my skills, can I still send you my CV? 

    Of course you can. You can send your CV and cover letter straight to us at Bristol@novate-it.co.uk or Nottingham@novate-it.co.uk

  • Do you recruit for part time positions? 

    It is not common for us to recruit for part time positions, but it does happen occcasionally. It will be stated on all job adverts we post whether a role is full time or part time. 

  • What geographical areas do Novate IT recruit for? 

    Novate IT assist clients for roles across all of the UK and Europe. 

  • How long does the process take from initial contact to the successful candidates first day? 

    This can vary based on a number of factors. On average, where the successful candidate is already residing in the region of the vacancy, and where they are required to work a one-month notice period, the hiring process will typically take 2 months. 

    However this process can take longer if a longer notice period is required to be given by the successful candidate, or if presently they are residing outside of the region or country of the vacancy. 

  • How do Novate IT protect my data under GDPR? 

    For starters, we will never share your personal data (including your CV) without your consent. We will always explain to you where we have aquired your personal data. 

    In addition, our secure database is routinely cleansed of personal data that is 12 months old where no contact has been had. You can request not to be contacted by us at all, or ask to have your details removed entirely from our system at any time by emailing: dataprotectionofficer@novate-it.co.uk 

    Further to that, we hate spam - so we will only ever send you marketing communications if you have asked us to do so, and if you cease to be interested you are able to tell us to stop with immediate effect. 

    Further information can be found in our Data Protection Policy and our Privacy Policy