FAQ's for Employers

FAQ's for Employers

We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions from candidates into a helpful list. If you have a question that isnt answered below, you can send us a quick email to ask. 

  • What is the cost? 

    We are entirely transparent on our costs to you - we advise contacting us to start a conversation on this. 

    Rates and terms of business will always be agreed with you before we commence undertaking work on your behalf. 

    The agreed rate will depend on factors such as; the volume of recruitment you would like our assistance with and the nature of the relationship that we are able to establish with you. 

  • How can you save me time and money? 

    Specialising in the IT and Digital Media sectors, we have over time amassed extensive knowledge and understanding of this field, including understanding our clients' needs and what they look for in their candidates. 

    Taking away from you the onus of reviewing hundreds of CV's from potentially unqualified applicants gives you back the time you need to focus on your responsibilities and business operations, which in turn saves you money in the long run. 

  • What services do you provide? 

    We provide introductions between suitable candidates and employers who are recruiting permanent and contract employees in the IT and Digital Media Sectors. 

    We also offer a recruitment process redesign service - unfortunately, some recruitment processes are outdated or can contain hurdles that are a hinderance to achieving timely, cost effective and efficient hiring.

    We want to help you to make improvements to your processes so that you can start attracting and retaining talented candidates. 

  • Aren't all recruitment agencies the same? 

    Yes, they are.....but we're not an Agency, we're a Consultancy - work with us on a vacancy and you'll understand. 

    There are many ways in which we differ from Agencies, but at the core of our offering if our ability to build a true understanding of your business and establish a relationship where you know that every applicant you receive from us will be someone you will want to interview. 

    We'll demonstrate to you how recruitment should be done. 

  • How do you attract candidates? 

    We work closely with several of the UK's leading recruitment websites to advertise selected roles, as well as publishing all of our live vacant roles to our own website. We do this by understanding what motivates job hunters and so produce advertising copy that is compelling and appealing to them. 

    Our team also extensively use a variety of online networking tools to reach out to, and meet new potential candidates. 

    Having taken the time to build relationships with a wide, substantial and respected network of talented individuals across the UK and Europe means that we often hear from exceptional candidates entering the job market before our competitors. 

  • How long does the process take, from allocating you a vacancy to recruit for, till the hired candidates first day? 

    This can vary based on a number of factors. On average, where the successful candidate is already residing in the region of the vacancy, and where they are required to work a one-month notice period, the hiring process will typically take two months. 

    However, the process can take longer for complex roles, or if the successful candidate is presently outside of the region or country of the vacancy or perhaps a longer notice period with their current employer. 

    For contract/temporary roles offering an immediate start, we aim to provide CV's of suitable candidates within 48 hours of being invited to work on a vacancy with you, however as with permanent roles, this process can take longer for complex roles where where are specific candidate requirements. 

  • What sectors do you recruit for? 

    Novate IT recruit for roles in the IT and Digital Media sector, and typically cover the following disciplines: 

    UX/UI/AI - Mobile App Development - Product Management - Consulting - Web Development - Project Management - Business Analyst - Networking/Server Adminstration - Technical Support - Database Development Administration - DevOps/System Administration - Web Design - Software Engineering - Software Testing - Data Science

  • What happens if the hired candidate leaves? 

    Providing all other contractual obligations have been met - we have protocol built into our Terms of Business which will ensure that both parties are satisfied in the very unfortunate (and extremely rare) instance where a candidate introduced by us chooses to leave a role within the first 12 weeks of employment with you. 

    Our Terms of Business are always agreed with you prior to any undertaking of work on your behalf. 

  • How do you handle candidate referencing? 

    Unless otherwise agreed, it is our clients responsibility for satisfying themselves as to the suitability of a candidate by; taking up any references before engaging the individual with employment, checking the candidates right to work and any other requirements in accordance with your own independent recruitment policies. 

    Novate IT can undertake referencing on your behalf for an additional pre-arranged fee.