How We Recruit

How We Recruit

Our recruitment process for our client’s takes the following path, and we don’t claim to be re-inventing the wheel here it’s just that many recruitment companies just can’t be bothered to follow all these steps:

We will get to know your company, business, sector and location to ensure we have a good understanding of the benefits and challenges faced during the hiring process.

We will review your job description with you on the telephone or in person (we’ll even write one on your behalf if you haven’t done this yet). This way we ensure we fully understand your vacancy and so will only supply suitable candidates.

We will source candidates for your vacancy by presenting your role to the skilled active and skilled semi-passive job hunting audience. We do this by producing a compelling job advertisement explaining the opportunity available and benefits of the role to their career and personal aspirations.

We will also source skilled passive candidates through our extensive professional network, through recommendations, online job boards and social media.

We will conduct detailed telephone interviews with prospective candidates to gain a full understanding of their skills, aspirations and motivations; if they match your requirements we will fully brief them on your company and vacancy.

We will present our candidates to you in the format of your choosing, whether that be through your online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or emailed in a certain format. Referring to the previous point, you will never receive the CV of an applicant from Novate IT who has not been briefed on your company and role.

We will coordinate the interview process for you, arranging telephone and office interviews and facilitating remote technical assessment where required. We are also able to host interviews at our offices in central Bristol, this often helps when employers own meeting rooms are full, or they do not have appropriate facilities for interviewing.

Naturally you will want to offer a job to a candidate presented by Novate IT and so we will help you deliver your offer and guide your chosen candidate through the acceptance and resignation process and support them through to their start date.

We can also assist with providing any ID / Right to Work documentation as well as gathering referee details if requested.​

​If we are assist you with contract recruitment we will provide all parties with the most up-to-date and appropriate contract documents to match the nature of the engagement. We will also provide access to our online timesheet portal for easy approval or querying of the time worked by our contractors.