Recruitment Process Redesign

Sometimes even the best companies with the most interesting vacancies struggle to secure and retain the employees they need. Whilst this is often put down as being a result of market conditions, it is often the actual hiring process that is inhibiting your ability to aquire the right employee. 

At Novate IT we have assisted hundreds of employers to find, secure (and retain) the employees they need and so we have seen the very best and worst in recruitment processes in the last decade. We want to help you by sharing the knowledge we have, so we offer to assist any employer wishing to improve their chance of recruitment success by offering the following recruitment process redesign services. Our services can be taken individually or collectively, depending on your needs:


We get to the root of the problem by speaking with all parties, from HR/Recruitment and hiring managers to recent joiners and crucially applicants who experienced the recruitment process and who were either unsuccessful, decided not to complete the process or turned down a job offer. If we can understand the needs and experience of everyone we can build a better solution for all parties.


We will work with all stakeholders to design a recruitment process that meets the needs of each specific department as well as HR and the company policies as a whole, but also takes into account the present market conditions and the needs of the applicant audience too.


We will assist you in implementing your redesigned recruitment process by taking it to the job market. We will use this to attract prospective employees to your company and will monitor its success to ensure it is providing the desired improvements are achieved.

It’s important to remember a bad recruitment process isn’t only detrimental to your hiring efforts, it can be toxic for your brand too. Today’s job applicant could be tomorrow’s customer and so every interaction with your company must be effective and professional even if it doesn’t result in a job offer.

If you’d like a to find out more about how we can help you improve your recruitment success rate, you can contact us here or give us a call on 0117 440 3970 and one of our Consultants will be able to help you.