Novate IT - IT & Digital Media Recruitment Consultancy Bristol Nottingham UK Europe - Client and Candidate Testimonials


  • I've found Novate IT to be highly professional - they've always focused on quality over quantity which has been a great help because I always know that CV's from Novate IT are a good match for my requirements. After dealing with several different recruitment firms, I've settled with Novate IT because I know they act with integrity and honesty.

    Ben Howes (CEO) / Zoetrope Labs

  • Burned by previous bad experiences of agencies who didn't take due care and attention when sending though potential candidates, we had long stopped using recruitment agencies. It was costing too much time and money and becoming more of a hassle then it was worth. That was until we met Novate IT. their dedicated Consultant not only took the time to fully understand us as a company - including our needs, our future goals and our working practices - but he also advised on how we could tailor our job role to better attract the right candidates. Through their hard work, we were sent a multitude of high-quality candidates, without having to lift a finger. We quickly filled the role, and this particular developer has since become an integral part of the company; building his way up through the ranks. We are now in the process of filling more positions with Novate IT after such a positive experience.

    James Ewin (Creative Director) / Only Orca Limited

  • I was working with Novate IT on product and tech positions for wefox. I enjoy the simple and fast processes with Novate IT. Novate IT helped us to hire a challenging Product Owner role in insurance segment in a very short time.

    Roman Matyushkin (Recruitment Development Manager) / wefox

  • I found Novate IT to be helpful and endlessly patient. We were extremely fussy but were supplied with a string of high-quality candidates

    James Andrews / Hiring Manager

  • We have worked with the team at Novate IT for several years now. The roles we hire into are often highly specialized and with hard to find skills and/or experience. The Novate IT team has taken the time really to understand our business, what drives us and what we look for in our future employees, and as such, we are confident that the candidates submitted to us more than match our criteria - Novate IT also has the insight to know that we can develop them to be our future rockstars. We have hired several excellent candidates and would naturally turn to Novate IT as our first choice recruiters.

    Ann Tanner (Senior HR Business Partner) / Cray UK Limited

  • Actual Experience has enjoyed a productive partnership with Novate, securing candidates matched to our requirements and aligned with our culture. This has helped us achieve sustainable growth.

    Vincent Lerigo-Smith (Professional Development Manager) / Actual Experience

  • I have had the pleasure of working woth Novate IT for a number of years on various technical roles. In every instance their team has taken the time and effort to understand what we are looking for in the ideal candidates. The candidates which are sent trhough are relevant and of high quality. The real value of Novate IT is their honest and understanding; there is never any pushing of the hard sell.

    Matt Seymour (Head of Software) / Verisk Maplecroft

  • We use Novate IT's recruitment services as we are often in need of Linux specialists for one or several of our European offices. Time after time, Novate IT show that the company has a strong candidate network in different countries, that the Consultants deliver high quality recruitment services and that they 'do what they say and say what they do'. Novate IT is very knowledgeable of the IT market and really understands our needs.

    Lizeth van der Jagt (Recruiter) / ClusterVision BV

  • I've worked with the team at Novate IT for over 10 years. Novate IT stand out from the crowd by building and maintaining long-term relationships and connections within the tech indistry in the Bristol area. They are well-informed and realistic, and partner with you as a hiring manager to help you arrive at a set of criteria that will succeed. They're also patient and willing to adapt to evolving requirements as you learn more about the available candidates. Where some agencies get by with keyword bingo, these guys have a good understanding of new technology and skills and can read between the lines. Ideal recruitment partners!

    Alex Francis (VP of Engineering) / Polecat

  • It’s been a pleasure working with Novate IT on filling some of our difficult vacancies. They are not only friendly and responsive but also listen (which is an essential recruiter virtue from my perspective) to both HR AND the candidates and is thus able to deliver candidates which are a perfect match. I would definitely recommend Novate IT to other companies starting a recruitment process.

    Gosia Szulc (Director of HR & Admin) / Verimatrix GmbH

  • We have been working with Novate IT for around one year and the team has helped us bring many great talents on board. Everyone at Novate IT is straightforward, smart and easy to work with. They always send relevant candidates that also fit well into our team. Besides the fact that we really enjoy working with them, we always get great feedback form the candidates on their experience as well. I would like to say thank you for the great support until now and am looking forward to continuing our good relationship

    Verena Garo (HR Manager) / Zattoo International Ltd

  • I just wanted to reach out and give some positive feedback about your Recruitment Consultant, Mark. He was in touch within 24 hours of my applying, had relevant questions and was able to answer questions I had with enough information to be useful but the honesty to admit the limits of his knowledge.

    Lloyd Jackman / Candidate

  • Helpful Consultants at Novate IT were instrumental in securing an exciting Senior Technical Writing role with one of their clients - a top tech company. Although we didn't agree on a job offer at the end of the day, the guys at Novate IT knew I had competitive offers on the table and they went out of their way to ensure a speedy interview process and logistical support. Fantastic communication and a thorough approach towards background information and preparation advice for all of the steps in the application process. I would highly recommend Novate IT as a top consultancy to any IT professional looking for excellent recruitment support in their hunt for their dream job. Thanks again!

    Ivan Terziev / Candidate

  • Novate are easy to deal with and got me some good interviews. I do not usually like dealing with recruitment agencies at all but Novate is an exception.

    Jamie A / Candidate

  • Novate IT were a great company in helping me along the path towards my new job. They checked in with me at key points of the process with a willingness to answer any questions or concerns. What really struck me the most was my Consultants focus on making sure my fit and happiness with the company came first. Working with Novate IT felt like having a Consultant on my side, rather than a recruiter pushing me to take the first opportunity available. I had a wonderful experience working with Novate IT.

    Ben Howard / Candidate

  • Over the past few months I have dealt with several recruiters, some being too pushy, some not knowing enough information about the sector, and some I just felt like they didn't care much about my applications. my Recruitment Consultant at Novate IT ticked all the boxes, he was friendly, attentive and I had the feeling he wanted me to get the job as much as I did! He even went above and beyond to speak to me outside of his normal working hours to make sure I had the best service possible. Should I need to find another job in the future I will look no further than Novate IT!

    Callum Bailey / Candidate

  • I found my current job with the help of Novate IT. In the first call I had with them, they approached me with three interesting job offers giving me all the information I needed synthetic and precise, no "bullshit". I choose one and they followed me through all the process - always extremely professional, different from the majority of recruiters I have dealt with who were pushy and disorganised.

    Marco Franceschin / Candidate

  • Highly recommended. I have had experience with quite a few recruitment agencies and NOVATE IT is by far the best one. They provided me with job opportunities that really fit my skills and personal criteria. Contact was also excellent. Unlike other agencies which would spam me with constant phone calls, communicating over email was not a problem. Each email confirmation of a job interview contained very helpful tips. This definitely is how recruitment should be done. I would like to take this opportunity to say big thank you to the team at Novate IT who helped me secure a job at a company that seems to indeed be the ideal one for me!

    Kornelia Watson / Candidate

  • Novate were super quick and friendly, and had processed my application in a matter of hours. I am now happily employed thanks to their help and haven't looked back!

    Ryan Boylett / Candidate

  • I had the pleasure of working with Novate IT on my recruitment at wefox. They guided me through every step of the recruitment process. I was very glad for their supportive attitude and guidance.

    Monika Kotus / Candidate