Women of Tech

Here at Novate IT, we see first hand the shortage of technically skilled women across the IT and Digital Media sectors, and we work hard to encourage and support women to gain the confidence in themselves to advance in their own personal development, and their careers – but also endeavour to understand why the present issues and imbalance exist in the workplace.

We believe there is a lot of work to be done by employers to genuinely create an equally diverse workplace that is supportive of women, and men equally, and we are here to help support them with that when they need us.

Our Operations Manager Natalie, is very passionate and driven in relation to issues surrounding equality in the workplace, and since first stepping into the world of recruitment noticed a large under representation of women across the IT sector.

Women of Tech was created by Natalie Wild and lunched in March 2019 with support and guidance from Novate IT - with the objective of providing ‘regular women’ from around the world working across a wide variety of disciplines in tech, a platform to share their story (in their own words) of their journey so far; their achievements, their challenges, their proudest moments, their goals and guidance to others who may be going through similar experiences they have faced.

Already the project is shedding light on some of the core issues women experience in the workplace, and is packed with advice from women to employers on how they can take steps to reduce the challenges women face.

We hope that insights drawn from this project will help employers to learn and understand the experiences of what it can really be like for a woman working in tech and the barriers they can face, and hope perhaps that their newly expanded understanding is used to make positive changes in the workplace.

Novate IT are proud to be able to support this Women of Tech project, and ourselves look forward to seeing the articles that will be published.

You can find the Women of Tech blog here: www.womenoftech.co.uk